Autumn in Portugal – perfect month to visit

I don’t think you know this about me, but my favorite season in Autumn. Not Spring, but Autumn. For me Autumn is the season that represents the beginning of things. Is this odd, or do you feel the same?

This was for me a summer of laziness. Of eating, Netflix and chill. Do I feel guilty about it? Oh yes! I don’t know why we live in a work in which in order to feel good we have to do. Why we cannot just be! But it’s to late now to change, at almost 40 years old. We do what we can to improve, grow and enrich our lives however we can.

This is why maybe I see this autumn like a salvation from the couch life. I do hope that with the weather getting chiller also my creativity and will for life will go back to the normal levels. The trip we are planning to Portugal in October is a major motive of joy for me. I can’t wait to film again in Portugal, this time with a drone also!

What we do in Bucharest in Autumn

I don’t know much about the customs in Portugal during Autumn. In Bucharest we are all about walks and decorating the house, the streets, cafes and restaurants with pumpkins. Drinking a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks as a custom, not be cause we necessary like it.

Before “Armagedon” we used to go to brunches that served traditional Romanian food that you usually eat during Autumn like mutton pastrami, polenta and mulled wine.

We live in September and October putting cinnamon in everything, from coffee to food and décor. Dream of Christmas and make plans for the future. Listen to the rain and remember that we like tea.

If there is something I like in Bucharest is the start of the fall and the period into Christmas. But this year this will be split between Portugal and Bucharest. We will spend September in Bucharest trying to reenact the life before the pandemic as much as we can and then in October we will be in Portugal, in Lisbon and then in the Algarve.



Autumn in Portugal – what we plan to visit

As you already know maybe from my previous posts, I think October is the perfect month to be in Portugal. Of course, with the situation in the world as well as with the climate changing all over the Globe, you might get a few surprises, but so far, October offers the perfect mélange between sunny days and crisp ocean breeze.

We are planning a short trip of 5-6 days to Lisbon with Flavius’s parents. They are visiting for the first time Portugal and I am planning to amaze them! We are going of course to Sintra, Cascais and Estoril and also to stroll about the streets of Lisbon as much as we can. I am so pumped up for this trip!

After Lisbon we take the train south, to Algarve, where we are going to spend 2 or 3 weeks exploring. You need a lifetime to explore Algarve but we will do our best to show a little bit of everything. Of course our home and the resorts in the area, Almancil and Loule (we will go on a day when the Farmers Market is open) but also we plan to visit Estoi and Tavira.

A trip to the islands (I am thinking Santa Lucia) maybe is in the cards but will absolutely depend on the conditions and if it will be a new lockdown in that period or not. Let’s hope not! But again Portugal is the tip of the spear in the world in fighting efficiently the virus (in my opinion) and this means strict rules. I am all for Portugal’s approach because I see what is happening in my country and while here I feel more free, in Portugal I feel safer! And besides, when you are living in the middle of nature, you feel the lockdown more softly.

Any suggestion please leave it in the comments, especially suggestion for places more suitable for seniors! Much appreciated!


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So this is what we planned for our adventurous autumn in Portugal! We will see what will actually happen, but what I know it has to happen is a lot of videos for my YouTube channel, enough to keep you entertained up until 1 of December when we will do Vlogmas, the old fashion way.


What are your plans for this Autumn?