Where to find the best Sangria (and burgers) – Algarve Portugal

the-best-sangria-in-quarteira algarve portugal

If you find yourself in Quarteira (next to Vilamoura) in Algarve Portugal, and in the mood of a really nice glass of fruity sangria with a sea view you have to stop by Hamburgueria da Baixa.

Yes, they sell first and foremost the best home made burgers I found so far in Algarve, but I go there over and over again for the Sangria. Flavius is so happy we found a place to please us both: he has his 3 triple layer beef burger with fries and home made sauce, I have a smaller burger, sometimes with brie, sometimes with caramelized onion.

The Best Burgers

Yes, I know, it’s literally the last place you would look for a sangria. I discovered it by mistake, while craving a burger that has a decent taste and price. Hamburgueria da Baixa surely delivers some home made amazing burgers with a large variety of choices (even vegan or special menus for students, at reduce price). All burgers come with fries and home made sauce.

This praise comes from a non meat lover. I mean, I eat meat, but my primary love is cheese (hence the burger with the brie cheese for me). So the meat has to be pretty special to impress me. And these hamburgers are SOOO good, that sometimes I find myself craving one the next day I just been to them.

The prices are very good for the quality. I have eaten way worst, way more expensive. A burger is around 8 euro. The one that Flavius eats, with 3 layers of beef meat is 11 euros.

The Best Sangria

Back at the Sangria business. So far, I drank good Sangria in 3 places in the Algarve: in Ferragudo in the main square (I don’t remember the name of the place, but is the one on the right, facing the main square), in Cabanas de Tavira and at Hamburgueria da Baixa.

They have locations all over Algarve, but I have only been in the ones in Faro, Quarteira and in the one recently open in Loule, right across the Loule Market. The best location between these 3 I visited so far is in my opinion the one in Quarteira, because you get to see the ocean while you eat.

But what makes a sangria to remember?

The wine is bubbly and very refreshing, not at all heavy. The glass is full of all kinds of fruits, like strawberries, oranges, limes. I always eat them after I finish my glass.

They only have 4 or 5 tables but you do get a sea view, the location being right across the sea front.

And last but not least, the price. The price for a big glass is only 4 euros.

This is how Iike a good Sangria: packed with fruits, served while watching the ocean and not paying a fortune for that.


So if you find yourself in Quarteira and in need of a good summer bubbly cocktail or want to eat a good home made hamburger, try this place. I added it on my short list of to go places where I can eat good food at a very decent price.