What can I expect from Algarve?

If I can summarize something that I would say to a friend about the Algarve, I would tell you to “expect the unexpected”. Everything you heard about Algarve is true and false in the same time. Nothing you read and watch on the internet will prepare you for your unique experience in Algarve.

For that is what you will find: a very personal, unique out of this world experience.

And why is that? Imagine yourself in a Black Mirror episode where the reality is what you make of it. And any of the outcome is as true as the other.

Things to See and Do in Algarve

The secluded beaches in small western towns.
Visit The Vila Vita Park & Pine Cliffs resorts
Visit Monchique, Silves & Estoi
Visit the islands but choose your guide very wisely
Visit the grottos in the west but choose carefully your guide
Wine tours are a must - start at Quinta do Tor
Eat in small towns - try Ferragudo
Wonder the streets and observe the people

Typical Costs When Travelling to Algarve

Accommodation – In the summer the prices explodes. So it would be wise to make your reservation well in advance. You can find good deals if you book your Airbnb apartment or your posh resort vacation if you start looking in January or February. Some start even in December!

Any decent 1 bedroom apartment/hotel room will be starting at 50-60 euro/night in off season and around 80 -100 euro/night in high season.

Food – While in Algarve eat fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. The meat in Portugal is of very good quality and at a very good price.

If you like sea food, you will think you arrived in heaven, as everybody serves fresh sea food. Just go with recommendations that you should be searching well in advance and keep in mind that in the high season, everything will be crowded, so make reservations.

A meal decent at a restaurant with starter, first course and desert + a glass of house wine is around 40 euro/2 persons.

Transportation – I don’t care what people are saying, transportation in Algarve is bad. Is nowhere near comparing to Lisbon or Porto. So you will need a car if you want to get around. Or an Uber.

what we eat in portugal

Suggested daily budget – 50-60 EUR / 52-62 USD/person (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating out a little, cooking most of your meals, and using local transportation.  However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be a lot higher!)

Money Saving Tips

Get the menu of the day This is a trick that works everywhere in the world. Go to a tasca and look for the dish of the day that can be a singular meal or a first and second plate. Usually a glass of house wine is included.
Book in advance everything If you want to cut costs you need to book in advance everything from accommodation to flights to guided tours.
Avoid touristy places Avoid eating or shopping on the main streets. Like I like to say, there is the main street and there is always the street after that, the real Algarvian street. Eat and shop there. You will find better food too!
Visit small towns Small towns are not inflating prices (so much) during the high season. Go there, it will be quieter too.

My Must Have Guides For Traveling

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My experience in Algarve?

Algarve is what you make of it! Can be a luxurious place with resort lifestyle and sunsets spent on yachts or it can be a place where you enjoy a pasteis de nata on sideroad looking at the ocean.

What is Algarve, no matter how you choose to live it, is a new start. After visiting this place something will change. Not everybody will fancy moving here, but something will be put in motion, a change of some sort.

You can say that Algarve is the beginning of something new.


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