Quinta do Lago

What can I expect from Quinta do Lago?

Quinta do Lago is a 5 stars luxury golf resort situated in the area called The Golden Triangle, in Algarve, Portugal. It’s a gated community where the most affluent people own properties and come in vacation in Portugal.

Set by the Ria Formosa Natural Park, offers luxurious living and a sense well-being and family moments in a setting that is naturally private.

Located just 20 minutes from Faro airport, Quinta do Lago is defined by most not just as a resort, but as a lifestyle and a dream location.

And was founded by a dreamer! In 1972 the founder André Jordan sat on one of the hillsides in the area, by an old stone farmhouse (which now is Casa Velha restaurant) and envisioned a place where pristine golf courses and beautiful residences overlooks the ocean, where trails explores the natural beauty of the Ria Formosa, where life could be lived in sunshine, comfort and privacy. And so this place came to be… In 2022 Quinta do Lago celebrates 50 amazing years of existence.

Quinta do Lago is a quiet and secluded resort and for that reason is the celebrities’ favorite place to unwind but also to privately party.

Things to See and Do in Quinta do Lago

Property search
Play golf, minigolf, tennis, padel at The Campus area
Have a beach day
Go shopping at Quinta Shopping
Join events organized by the resort
Make a tour of the resort restaurants
Visit Vale do Lobo, the neighbor resort
Visit Faro

Typical Costs in Quinta do Lago

Accommodation – You are spoiled for choice in this location! You can choose one of the 4 and 5 stars hotels in the resort or you can rent a villa or apartment directly from them.

More information about rentals you can find on their site.

Food – The resort alone has 14 restaurants that servers any meal that you can think of and caters for all sorts of different locations.

At Casa Velha you will have a fine dining experience, as the place was recommended in the Michelin Guide in 2021.

At Danos you will have an authentic sports bar experience and they also have events trough the year.

All the restaurants you will find here.

About the best restaurants in Quinta do Lago & Vale do Lobo find here more information.

Transportation – You need a car to get in this area and also to move around.

For renting a car at a reasonable price in the area, read this.


Suggested daily budget – starting from 250 EUR / 260 USD / person. This is a suggested daily budget that includes the accommodation in the resort. However, in the high season the prices increase dramatically.

There are also little things you can do to save money in this place, but still enjoy everything it has to offer.

Money Saving Tips

Get the menu of the day from Magnolia Hotel Magnolia is serving menu of the day each day at 25 EURO/person. Find out more on their Instagram page! @themagnoliahotelqdl
Have the coffee at Pure It's not cheaper but it's the best in the area. At least you get what you paid for.
Rent early Book your stay early in the year, you will get great discounts from the resort.
Golf anyone? Save on golf by booking one of the Stay & Play experiences they offer all year long, especially around big golf events.

My Must Have Items For Traveling to Quinta do Lago

You need this when traveling to Quinta do Lago!

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My experience in Quinta do Lago?

Quinta do Lago is our neighbor resort and the place were we like to hang out most of the time, because it’s more posh and renovated than ours.

We spend our time mostly at The Pavilion watching other people play tennis and enjoying a freshly squeezed orange juice. In fact, this is how we took up tennis, we were inspired by others!

Other favorite place is Pure, where you will find very healthy food. But also delicious cakes. Here you can see some photos of the cakes.

I love this place because you can feel in the same time that the whole area is only yours but if you crave interaction is just a short 5 minute ride away. I love the blend between nature and amenities and the respect they have here for nature and animals.

About buying a property here, by all means, if you have the budget, go for it! 🙂

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