how to protect you against week passwords

Since I moved my business online I have an increased need to protect both my digital assets and my clients digital assets. All the archive and data are now held online and this indeed reduces the consumption of paper (and my expenses with everything that includes a paper archive: printer toner, paper and the printer itself).

But it creates a new kind of problem, a security one. So I started to research how to avoid weak passwords and how to increase my online security altogether. In order to create a strong password you need to follow some basic rules:

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It’s not like we don’t basically know that our password shouldn’t be our birthday or our dog’s name, but somehow we always end up using those for some reason, right? In my case I do this because I am afraid that I am going to lose the complicated password so I set up an easy one thinking that I can change it later. But later never comes and I find myself using the same passwords over and over again.

But no more. NordVPN not only helped me to avoid using weak passwords but also with password management.

Since I moved my business online I changed all the passwords with strong ones, and I added a VPN also as a protection layer. A VPN has a myriad of benefits (especially for those who are traveling or settling in another country and still wanting to access content from their own country).

But if we talk only about the protection benefits, just to name a few, I chose NordVPN because:


AES-256 encryption


  • Next-generation technology
  • Recommended by the NSA
  • Used to secure TOP SECRET data
  • Encrypt with a click


Advanced features


  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Double VPN — encrypts traffic twice
  • A next-gen tunneling solution — NordLynx
  • Diskless and colocated servers

If you are interested in using a VPN and saving some money in the process you can click the offer below and by doing so you will also support me because the link contains my affiliate code. Thank you in advance.

Also by clicking the button you will find out more geek info about what a VPN can do for you – even if you don’t buy it, it’s an interesting read, for the ones who want to find out how to avoid weak passwords, but also for someone getting acquainted with a VPN just now.

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