Buy real estate property in Algarve Portugal with 150.000 euro

Is 150.000 euro enough to buy decent real estate property in Algarve Portugal? I found that this answer is very subjective and varies from situation to situation. So I will let you make up your own mind on your own, and I will tell you my opinion in the end of the article.

About Algarve

As I stated before, Algarve Portugal is a very expensive area. A touristy area. Some would say a soulless area. I don’t agree with the last affirmation. But by all means, if you have a budget of 150.000 euro and you want to buy real estate property in Algarve Portugal, you have to see in the video what you can obtain for this money in this area.

Of course, location in Algarve is very important. Closer to the beach means less square meters, more inland means a bigger house. And it’s always a matter of hard work, meaning countless hours invested in searching for the right property as well as a bit of luck in finding someone who wants to sell quickly and at a discount for various reasons.


There is always an opportunity out there, you just have to find it.

My opinion

But returning to my opinion, I still believe that 150.000 euro is not enough to buy real estate property in Algarve Portugal. Not something “decent” anyway. Not for me anyway. I hope you will enjoy the video and leave in the comments what do you think about my selection of properties in this budget.

As I go along discovering the house market in Algarve Portugal, I understand even better why Algarve is considered one of the most expensive areas to buy property in Portugal. And I might add that the quality/price ratio is not the best either. You have the beautiful weather and the ocean and for some, including me, it’s a big plus. I always said I wanted to live near the ocean. But more and more people are drawn to the center of Portugal for the prices there.