The cheapest place to buy a house in Portugal

What is the cheapest place to buy a house in Portugal? This is a question that pops up so regularly in the comments and this is why I decided to write this article and practically discover together the answer!


Top 3 cheapest areas

Apparently these areas are reviewed annually, but these 3 spots seems to be always on the list, even if they change places from one year to another.

As you would expect, all these 3 areas are in Central Portugal, small towns with all the Portuguese charm you are looking for.

I will not get into numbers in this article, meaning price per square meter. First, because numbers are boring and second, because I never found relevant the price per square meter. A house and the price of a house is so much more than the price per square meter. The price is often determined by the location, amenities and how renovated the place is.




The cheapest place to buy property in Portugal is Portalegre. This is a small little town found in Alentejo, close to the Spanish border. The name of the town means happy port or cheerful port, so it shows great promise for an amazing vacations.

The town is located near a National Park, on the hills. It has a population of only 25.000 people.

Even if it’s not on the tourists maps, you have a ton of things to do in Portalegre between touring cheap properties. Visiting convents, miradouros, museums are just a few of the things I can think of. You you even have roman ruins here.


Another area considered among the cheapest place to buy a house in Portugal is Castelo Branco. I am sure you heard of this place, since it was for many years known as the cheapest place to buy a house in Portugal, and only in 2020 was outranked by Portalegre.

Castelo Branco is situated in Central Portugal, also close to the Spanish border, 20 km. The name means white castle. The population is aprox. 30.000 people.

They say it’s very hot here in the summer, among the hottest places in Portugal but the winters are mild.

The foundation of the city is attributed to the Knights Templar although the town existed prior to that but we don’t know much about it before the arrival of Knight Templar.

The Templar Castle is one of the things you should visit along with the Bishops Garden Palace.

But the truly interesting things to see while in Castelo Branco are the surroundings of the town, meaning the country side and other little towns close to it. The most famous are Monsanto and Belmonte.


And the third most cheap area to buy a property in Portugal is Beja.

Is located in Alentejo, in a rural area south of Lisbon. The population is around 35.000 people. It also has long hot summers but here the winters here are more rough, more cold, due to the town localization, up on a hill at 300 m altitude. This reminds me of Monchique, a lovely town in Algarve that is also situated on hills.

If you like history, you have here Roman Ruins, Castelo de Beja but for me it’s all about that stunning country side to just get lost in.


If you liked the locations and already dreaming of a simpler life in Portugal, you know what you have to do, right?

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Second, book a flight to Portugal and come see all these places for yourself!


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