Where to eat Sushi in Algarve Portugal

If you are wondering where to eat sushi in Algarve Portugal, well this article is for you! When we first got here, we didn’t even hoped that we will find such good quality sushi, and on top of that all you can eat offers!

Our absolute favorite place to get sushi by now is JinDu in Quarteira. Because sushi doesn’t only have to be very fresh and delicious, but it has to be also affordable. Otherwise I can’t enjoy it.



JinDu is in my opinion unbeatable quality and price. Not only that they have an all you can eat menu for lunch and dinner but their fish is so fresh and jucy! The prices: amazing! One box to take away with 15-17 pieces is 5 euros. My favorite box that I always buy is no.5.

The sushi looks in real life like in this picture. The pictures are from their Facebook page, are not taken by me, but I chose to put it here for you to see the prices but also because they look like in the real life.

I have eaten at JinDu like 20 times by now and I just keep coming back. At lunch time or dinner, we usually arrive firsts. We sometime wait by the door because it’s not open yet. But in 10 minutes since they open the restaurant is always full of people who know and appreciate this place. And they are mostly locals. You know when you see locals eat there that you come to the right place.

For the quality to price ratio we give 5 stars to this place, we would give 10 stars if we could!


But the other day, one of my YouTube subscribers, who is an expat living in Boliqueime (actually his wife who is using his husband YouTube account) recommended me a most similar and amazing place to get sushi in Almancil.

Why is this amazing for me? First, because Almancil is very close to where I live. Second because this place is open for take-away food in this period and JinDu is not.

So I rushed there the very second day, and Sushi Mishi Almancil was exactly the fix I needed. Not really the prices I get at Jin Du, but still very affordable and really good sushi.

Because I ate everything in 2 seconds after I got home and didn’t take pictures, I will insert here some picture I found on their Facebook page so you can get an idea of prices and size of the boxes.

These are some of the menus they have but they also have normal boxes with 10 pieces that are 7,90 euros each.

[mkdf_custom_font title_tag=”” font_weight=”” font_style=”italic” text_transform=”none” text_decoration=”” text_align=”center” title=”“An example of a menu“” font_family=”Lora” font_size=”15px” line_height=”63px” letter_spacing=”-1″ margin=”-8px 0 0 0″]
[mkdf_custom_font title_tag=”” font_weight=”” font_style=”italic” text_transform=”none” text_decoration=”” text_align=”center” title=”“Yumy yum yum!” font_family=”Lora” font_size=”15px” line_height=”63px” letter_spacing=”-1″ margin=”-8px 0 0 0″]

My absolute favorite sushi is the salmon one and from all the salmon ones I like the ones fried. Also the salmon sashimi and the ones with cheese and salmon. You get the point! All salmon on the table is mine!

I have eaten at Sushi Mishi Almancil just once but as soon as Flavius ends his Skype call he is going to get another take away and it’s sushi night baby!

I am so grateful that I get to eat this sushi thank to a very kind lady who saw me eating frozen sushi from Aldi (if you didn’t see that video, here it is) and recommended me this amazing place.

For the fact that this place is situated in a very posh area (Almancil) and still they kept their prices decent, we also give them 5 stars. They are not as cheap as Jin Du nor they have all inclusive menu, but for the area, this place is fantastic!

And of course my dear reader, if you have a favorite sushi place, another recommendation about where to eat sushi in Algarve Portugal, please leave it in the comments. For sure someone reading this is in search for a sushi place this instance!


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