What is a VPN – explained for non technical people

Please don’t come for me! I try to explain what a VPN is in simple words, for non technical people. So for the ones who do have technical abilities, this might sound silly. But it doesn’t matter!  Because I hope it will help people understand why do they need to learn the word VPN.

If privacy and data protection are important to you, you should use a VPN every time you connect to the internet.


Need to know basis: A VPN is an app that runs in the background of your device, meaning computer, tablet or phone and does a number of things in the same time (you can see below what it does). The VPN app runs in the background and it shouldn’t slow down the usage of your device, and this is one of the points where you should pay attention what VPN service do you choose.


A little more info: VPN stands for virtual private network. This virtual network gives you privacy and anonymity on the internet by establishing secure and encrypted connections. How is this achieved? A VPN basically hides your IP address (your computer internet address) as well as the physical location, so nobody can really tell who you are, where you are and what information are you accessing via internet.

Do I really need a VPN? I mean, for real?


The coolest thing a VPN does

By far for me the coolest thing about a VPN is accessing content in any place! For so long I have been wanting to see a lot of Netflix movies that are available only in US! For you may be that you are travelling for some months in Portugal and you don’t want to miss your favorite show back home!

So what a VPN does, it makes your favorite platform of watching content think that you are in a certain place when you are in fact on your favorite place in the world (Portugal), enjoying good weather, amazing food but not loosing touch with your favorite shows back home.


The most useful thing a VPN does

The second best thing is not so cool but is sooooo useful! It’s for my business. Recently I moved the business online and I found myself all of the sudden with a problem I never had before: the privacy and integrity of my data and my clients data. You know how they say: if I loose these, we are… in a big trouble!

So security when working remote is a big concern for everybody who has a business online, even if it’s just a small one, maybe a side hassle or a starting project after hours, to get a little more money flowing into your budget.

A VPN helps you keep confidential materials safe and it helps you connect to your office network and access sensitive materials.


The thing that most people are concerned about

Privacy. Privacy is a very touchy subject. Most people are very concerned that their rights to privacy are invaded by the internet era in such ways that they don’t understand and therefore they cannot protect themselves.

Well, a VPN does that for you, without you having to become a guru in computers, internet and how today’s world works.

So if you want nobody to know who you are, what are you accessing on the internet and when, as well as where you are physically, you need a VPN.

What’s the price, doc?

We use NordVPN and the prices seem to be the lowest on the market, at least at the date of this article. At a glance, these are the prices for NordVPN:






Why choose NordVPN – comparison with other competitors



There are a number of factors (technical stuff) that you compare when you are choosing the right VPN for you. Things you need but also things that you think you might not need, but you end up using as you get used to the VPN and understand what it does.

For me, is all about the price and all about the connection speed.


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