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For sure you want to know – Why move to Portugal?” –  this is the question on everyone’s lips. But in the process of moving and buying a property in Portugal we discover that you also have to ask yourself the other questions as well: why not move to Portugal?

We describe our journey with the good and also the bad, a realistic approach to outrooting yourself from your country home and moving abroad, getting used to a new culture and environment.


You are not the only one struggling to adjust to a new life and culture.


See how the videos helped others to plan their move to Portugal

hello, we just bought a top floor 2 bedrooms apartment in Tavira (calm and peaceful urbanization) with a private terrace on the top of the building. Thank you for all useful informations given in your videos. Kindest regards, Jean-Luc

- Jean-Luc

Love your videos! You have a great "presence" and incredible skin! I would love to know your skincare routine! My family thinks Im nuts for wanting to live the last half of my life abroad. Not everyone understands the spirit of wanderlust and thats ok. I am more than happy to explore enough for us all - haha

– Expedition Confidential

I am watching all your videos and it is a delight listening to your Wonderful, Detailed, Sincere and Honest Content. Your descriptive experiences help everyone to better understand all the challenges of moving abroad to Portugal. You have a wonderful gift of storytelling and you should never stop making youtube videos of any topic. I am really happy that I found your youtube channel.

— Radu

Hi! Thank you for your video. I loved it! It was so authentic and deep, just my thing 😉 when you said to make changes while not making any physical changes at all, wow! It reassured me I’m not crazy because I’ve been living in Portugal in my head (from Australia 🇦🇺) and dreaming of the day my Portuguese husband and our 3 young children can finally live the European lifestyle we’ve wanted for 10 years. Like you said the Pandemic has really made people aware of time, and I think this is why my husband and I are now braver than ever to start researching and see it becoming more of a reality now than just a fantasy idea. I will definitely be putting my ‘brain’ onto paper this week 😄 can’t wait to start viewing the rest of your videos

- Romina