Getting a NIF (fiscal number) in Portugal – online, remote

A NIF is a Portuguese Tax Number. You need a NIF in Portugal whether you are a non-EU citizen (for applying to a visa of your choice) but also if you are an EU citizen (like us).


You will be needing a NIF for buying a property, register at Financas, paying your bills and especially living in Portugal. For more information about a NIF, you can read this article. It’s an interview with Kathleen from Bordr. with many useful information.


Kathleen and her husband relocated from US to Portugal a few years ago, and founded Bordr, an online company helping you shave some of that Portuguese bureaucracy. She can help you with obtaining a NIF and a bank account online, remote, even before arriving in Portugal.


She also offers Golden Visa services and she will soon offer D7 visa also. Check out the package bundles and by using the link below you can save 10€ from your total order.


Opening a bank account in Portugal – online, remote

About opening a bank account in Portugal and why Millenium Bank might just be the right fit for you, you can read in this article.

If you need to open a bank account before arriving in Portugal or you just want to save yourself the trouble, use Bordr and also save yourself some money by using the link below.


Looking to buy a property in Portugal? I have a great recommendation for a real-estate agent.

I have several videos on my YouTube channel with the story of buying our apartment. It wasn’t a smooth sail at all. I know first hand how a realtor can make or brake a deal. If you want details about our experience, check the videos here.

This is why we recommend this realtor with the full confidence and from our own experience. If you like the contact details please write me an email and I will respond in no time.


Transferring money in and out of Portugal

For us there are only to ways of transferring money abroad that make sense and these are called Revolut and Wise.

I couldn’t live without those 2 platforms! I use them for FX exchange at great rates, I use them to transfer money from my country into the Portuguese account, I use it even for card payments sometimes, even if the majority of time I use my Portuguese card.

When using Revolut the money arrives in my Portuguese account in a matter of seconds (a SEPA transfer, from an EU country).

transfer money in Portugal Wise

What you need to know about there resources

All these recommendations are made from personal experience. We are EU citizens moving to an EU country. This is a piece of information that can help you understand better why we recommend these services (and not others).

Some of these are affiliate links, meaning if you choose to use purchase the services using these links, we will earn a small commission, at no cost to you what so ever. You will even save money with the discounts that apply on some of the links.