Portugal is still here – How are things in Portugal?

How are things in Portugal now?

In February 2021 Portugal was the country with the higher cases of Covid in Europe. We had and still have a total lockdown, with a general duty to stay home 24/7.

Most of the people respected the rules and now, at the end of February things are looking up. The lockdown will still be in effect also in March and they say this will remain so until Easter.

What I like here in Portugal is that the majority of people, at least from what I saw and experienced agree with the lockdown and respect the rules. Yes, they are against the mask especially outdoors but they agree with the general lockdown. So different from other countries, for example my country where people are actively fighting the Government rules and the lockdown.

Weather in February

Moving on from this subject, the weather seems to be a little better than January. It still raining but less, the problem now is the wind. It’s so windy even during the day, but it’s true that we are less than 0,5 km from the ocean. Actually, If I really want to, I can see the ocean from the top terrace of my home. A glimpse of it anyway.

But still we get enough sun and opportunities to walk one hour per day outside and enjoy the nature and the fact that there are so many people here in the resorts, and yet, we encounter someone on the street so rarely. I feel so alone here, in a good way. In the best way possible!

The resorts are so big by themselves and they are connected so you can walk for miles and never feel crowded. There are so much more people here than previous years, they all renovate or just spend the pandemic here. But still, there is so much space and greenery.

Keeping it real…

But let’s keep the tradition and keep it real. Portugal is not perfect. Actually, the country in itself it kind of is, but the people who live here are not. And the “problem du jour” are the people who have pets and they just don’t clean after them. So many people who are not respecting the rules and don’t clean after the dogs and this is just disgusting. Yes, not all is well in Paradise.

But after all is said and done…

I still feel like I arrived here yesterday. Between making the house livable, filming, accounting and keeping the firm afloat, I hardly had time to realize I now live in Portugal.

And I think I will never be absolutely happy here, not just right now. The fact that I know I have to go back to my country in June, it’s just a terrible terrible hassle and source of stress for me. It fells like this is not definitive.

This is all for now. February was interesting, I can hardly expect to see what March will bring.

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