Why you should move in Portugal now

Why we moved to Algarve Portugal, can be in the end, a personal choice. This article will hopefully tell you why YOU should move in Portugal.

When we started looking for a country to move, we knew that it had to be something in Europe, in a warm climate and also close to the sea. This was our starting point. The full story and how we chose Portugal over Greece and Spain can find it in this video – I suggest you watch it, maybe you can relate to our story.

But living in Algarve Portugal for some time, I can now tell you from experience why I think that Portugal is, if not the best country to move in, then, at least, a very strong contender.

The outstanding quality of life

Yes, you read about the outstanding quality of life in Portugal everywhere! But what does this mean? And this applies to everyone, everyone gets this quality of life, regardles of where they come from?

Well… of course not! Some people get to experience moving to Portugal, a most profound change on all plans, in the good sense. These are the people who come mostly from US and the Nothen Europe. Others (like me), coming from the Eastern Europe, experience a more mild improvement in quality of life.

But never the less, the improvment is there! This is the wonder of Portugal. There is here something for everybody. From things like family-friendly country, to the fact that in large cities you can speak only English and you will be fine, to the slow pace of life, sooner or later you will find more than one thing in Portugal that will improve your life.

But if I had to pick just one motive why you should move to Portugal, I would pick safety. Safety to walk the streets, safety in case the pandemic is preparing a comeback in the fall, safety from the war. Portugal has the most remote, strategic geographical position in respect to the present war situation. There is no better place to be in Europe than Portugal.

fresh local produce at affordable prices

Anyone who has ever visited Portugal knows that the locals take their food pretty seriously. And it’s good…very, very good.

The Portuguese tend to cook only with seasonal ingredients which of course means that things are as fresh as possible. Lots of olive oil and simple preparation makes the menu very healthy.

Grilled, fresh seafood and meat teamed with lots of fresh salad and vegetables mean that the life expectancy here is better than many other countries. Restaurants are more affordable too, which of course, means that for expats eating out is a far more regular occurrence.

And even with the present inflation, Portugal is more cheap to eat (in and out of the house) than probably your country. Well… not if you move here from Greece or Romania or Bulgaria, but apart from that…

The perfect base for digital nomads

All these attractions have made Portugal one of the world’s go to destinations for young digital nomads.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living life as a digital nomad, free from all ties, then Portugal could offer you all you want. Cheap accommodation,an abundance of co-working spaces and a thriving digital community – in major cities.

Despite the internet is bad and expensive, you will find it included in the most Airbnb rents, so all in all, is not really a problem. Besides that, every cafe and restaurant in a more major town has internet, so, again, you are covered.

The only problem would be getting any work done at all with so many nice beaches and other distractions!