Bacalhau à Bras – yummy, yum, yum Portuguese food

When in Portugal you must try a good authentic Bacalhau a Bras!

But keep away from the touristy places in order to have a proper experience.

The bacalhau à brás is very easy and quick to make! Simple and delicious, you will love it!


The story goes that this dish – Bacalhau a Bras – was actually invented in Lisbon Portugal, in the neighborhood named Bairro Alto. It was created by a wine-bar owner, called Brás around 1936 by scraping the not so good bits of the fish and mixing it with eggs and potatoes and garnished with black olives.

Bacalhau à Brás is one of the most loved Portuguese dishes, and is considered the ultimate comfort meal in Portugal.



A Portuguese tasca in a not so touristy town is a perfect place to try the original recipe. Another place would be in the home of a Portuguese friend who likes to cook!

Better yet just try to cook it yourself at home.


I eat this dish for the first time in Loule, Algarve. And the second time. And the third time. I found this little tasca tucked away from the main street that served it like a lunch meal. It was discounted (I guess I paid 7 euro/portion) and it looked fine on the plates of others in the restaurant.

Once I tasted this I never eat something else in that place. The taste is divine!

I guess they really used duck fat and this gave the dish an amazing flavor. Since then this became my favorite Portugal dish. But I have so much more to explore!

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