Boliqueime Portugal – rural but close to the ocean

You need to see the town of Boliqueime Portugal if you are in search of a quiet but not boring life, close to the ocean but a little bit rural. In other words, the best of both worlds.

And it’s in Algarve, yet with reasonable cost of living. Not reasonable cost of properties, but this is another issue.

Let’s start with the beginning

We discovered this town because one of our YouTube subscribers recommend it to us. We said we want to visit and film small, quiet villages in the Algarve and this popped up in the discussion. So in a rather gloomy day at the beginning of April we wake up early in the morning and drove, slowly (because this is how we roll on the roads in Portugal, slowly but surely) to Boliqueime.

I had been searching in the previous days the correct way to pronounce the name of this town (I had this problem also with Cacelha Velha) and I think in the end I did it correctly (most of the times) in the video (the video will be below the article if you want to take a look).


In the center of the town in April 2021

My feelings for Boliqueime

The feeling you get in Boliqueime is that feeling that we have been looking for in a while: a bit of rural mixed with comfort, expat community but also locals living in total harmony, some tourists, just enough for the place not to appear deserted but by all means, nothing compared to other places. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but now, 3 months latter, this is the image I have when I look back to my experience in Boliqueime. Yours might be different because in the end, we see only what we want to see and perceive things depending almost always of our state of mind in that moment.

We visited the center square, the Feguesia (the city hall), also the narrow and white streets, we took a look at the doctors office (that reminded me of Doc Martin, the famous British series with a country doctor moved there from a big city) and after all that we took a brake at a terrace and had some lunch.

The restaurants were not all opened and we didn’t had much choice but we had a great meal in the town square. Good taste and also good price! We would like to come back there and try the local pub, which is actually an Irish Pub (closed in that day) because I heard they have amazing food there.

What to visit in Boliqueime Portugal

Well, in these little Algarvian towns, the town itself it’s what you should visit. The town square, the narrow streets and just soak up in the atmosphere. For me the outskirts of Boliqueime were the true wonder but you need a car to discover those beautiful sceneries. And on the outskirts of this town you also find the most interesting properties, beautiful villas, some small, some very big and with a lot of land, so for those interested in property in this area, this should be a good place to start.


Outskirts of Boliqueime

I don’t know how I do it, but every time I film something I just forget to take pictures. What you see here are the only pictures taken. I guess my brain thinks that film is better than pictures and that you will going to see everything in the video anyway. Someone must tell him that we have a blog too, not just an YouTube channel.

Anyhow, if you like what you saw so far in this article, I also recommend you to watch the video that we film. It has food in it! 🙂



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Is it worth visiting Boliqueime?
  • Things do to in the town
  • Thing to see around the town and in the area
  • Rural feeling mixed with confort
  • A good place to live in the Algarve?
The Good

Perfect picturesque Algarvian village

Perfect blend of rural feeling and comfort

An international supermarket just outside the town

It has an English pub

The Bad

You need a car, even if you have a train station nearby

It's not really at the sea side but this ca be also an advantage