How to get a NIF online in Portugal – for non-residents


You are thinking of moving to Portugal.

After reading several articles you know by now that one of the first things you need in relocating here in Portugal is a NIF (a tax number), but you are so baffled by the bureaucracy that you don’t where to start.

Well, this article is about making your life easier and explain you how to get a NIF online in Portugal – the easy way! Yes, without you actually being here.

Kathleen & her husband Richard are US expats who relocated in Portugal and they gone trough the same thing you are going now. Based on this experience they founded Bordr, a company aimed at providing help for people wanting to move to Portugal.

But before deciding on what’s what, let’s find out some key aspects that you need to know about NIF and moving to Portugal from Kathleen.


What is a NIF?

NIF is short for Número de Identificação Fiscal and is a tax identification number in Portugal. It is a unique 9-digit number assigned to an individual by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (also referred to as Finanças).

The NIF is also sometimes referred to as Número de Contribuinte or Fiscal Number.

Where do you use a NIF in your daily life?

A NIF is essential for anyone who lives in Portugal. You will need it to carry out any sort of official transaction in Portugal. Some examples of which are:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Renting property long-term
  • Buying or selling property
  • Setting up utilities (water, gas, electricity)
  • Signing a mobile phone contract
  • Applying for a mortgage or other forms of credit
  • Enrolling in a school
  • Getting hired in Portugal and receiving your salary
  • Receiving social security payments and other benefits in Portugal
  • Filing and paying taxes in Portugal
  • Buying a car
  • Applying for a driver’s license
  • Inheriting Portuguese assets

When must you obtain this NIF?

After coming to Portugal or before?

Some common reasons for getting a NIF before coming to Portugal are:

(1) to apply for a residence visa from your home country

(2) to purchase property from outside of Portugal.

However, if you’re able to come to Portugal and have the time to get your NIF when you arrive in the country, that totally works too.

How long does it take to get a NIF online in Portugal?

Usually, you can expect to receive your NIF in about 1 week.

How much does it cost to get a NIF online in Portugal?

Your fees + are there any taxes to be paid?

The cost to request your NIF is 150 EUR and includes one year (12 months) of fiscal representation.

However, if you need also a bank account ore more than one NIF, check out the packages, you can save some money!

Also using the links in this article will save you 10 EUR on each order.

Ready to order your NIF online?

Just place your order and the 10 EUR discount will be added automatically at the check-out of your purchase.


Why should I use a third party like your company Bordr to obtain a NIF online instead of just obtaining it myself?

Bordr is most helpful for non-EU residents who are required to have a fiscal representative and are unable to get a NIF on their own. We’ve partnered with lawyers and take care of the whole process.

For EU residents, Bordr presents a more convenient option if you’re unable to travel to Portugal to apply in person or simply don’t have the time. Or you have that time and want to spend it at the beach or exploring Portugal!


When do I need fiscal representation, and do you offer that?

Portugal requires non-EU residents to elect a Portuguese permanent resident or company to act as their fiscal representative when applying for a NIF. This person / company acts as the intermediary between the Portuguese tax office and you, ensuring that you receive any notices regarding your taxes.

By working with Bordr, one of our law firm partners will act as your fiscal representative. While having a fiscal representative is required at the time of applying for a NIF, it is optional after you get your Portuguese residential address.


What about applying from UK after Brexit?

Post-Brexit, UK citizens need a fiscal representative when applying for a NIF.

For EU residents, Bordr presents a more convenient option if you’re unable to travel to Portugal to apply in person or simply don’t have the time. Or you have that time and want to spend it at the beach or exploring Portugal!

How to get a NIF online in Portugal using your services?

Are there a lot of papers needed for you to apply?

In order to submit your application using our online form, you will need just two documents:

  1. A copy of passport
  2. A document that serves as a proof of your residential address. This can be a driver’s license, bank statement, or utility bill.

If you are requesting a NIF for a minor, you will also need to provide his/her birth certificate.

After completing the order form, you will receive a Power of Attorney that you will need to sign and send back to us. This Power of Attorney gives us the ability to request for a NIF on your behalf.

What will I get, a physical piece of paper or just a number?

A scanned document?

The Portuguese tax office will provide us with an electronic PDF document that contains your NIF and we will email that to you once we receive it.

During the process if I have any questions can I write you, do you offer support during this?

Absolutely! You can always reach us via email at

What other services do you offer?

We are offering a service to help you open a bank account online from outside of Portugal.

We can help you with your Golden Visa.

We are launching new services each season, so stay tuned.

In the end, REMEMBER!

you are coming to Portugal for THIS:



getting a nif in portugal without bureaucracy