Never go twice in a place you loved


I ruined one of my best experiences trying to replicate it.

And I thought It’s just me, some kind of wired person who can’t enjoy something twice. But I learned over the years that if I feel something, it’s more than likely someone else experienced too.

So the story goes…

So it happens I go to a place, discover it for the first time and I have a great experience, amazing, out of this world sense of happiness and calm. Perfect interaction with the exterior world if we are talking about a place like a restaurant or an event. Blissful no interaction at all, if we are talking about a deserted beach or a hike trail.

I make a little note in my head about this perfect place and experience, as there are not so many perfect moment’s in one’s life, and I seek to relive it over and over again, for example, going out to eat at the same place or having my morning coffee on the same spot.

But nothing happens twice in life quite the same.

A perfect interaction with a person cannot be replicated over and over again, a magic taste cannot be guaranteed in a dish, as the chef can have a bad day, or a beach cannot be always deserted, especially if you put it on the internet. 🙂

This reminds me about a perfect place to watch the sunset in my resort. This place overlooks the ocean from a high point, and you can see as far as Vilamoura. You can sit very comfy on a bench that is put there for the golfers to rest. This is a picture of that spot.

I was sitting one evening there, having a pitstop on my evening walk, when suddenly, an older couple came to the pathway, each with a gin glass in hand, ready to have the perfect sun set experience. They were startled and a little disappointed when they saw that their bench was occupied.

The look on her face told me that she regarded that place as her own and she didn’t expect someone else to be there, even if it was a public place. She expected to have the same experience every time.

Of course that we continued our walk and let them have their perfect moment, because it was (for me at least) the right thing to do. They seemed so perfect together with their gin glasses and everything, like a scene from a movie.

You just cannot ruin that and live with yourself!

Living in the present

So I promised myself to try to stay away from the temptation to replicate feelings from the past: perfect place I already discovered, perfect moment with a person I already lived.

Instead, to be more focused of this moment, imperfect or not, as this moment can be another perfect new moment, if I just give it a chance. 

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Até a próxima vez, fique saudável! 


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