Are you ready for your dream life in Portugal?

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Are you sure you are ready to live your dream life in Portugal?

You would think that a perfect life doesn’t need instructions but in fact, like anything else you are new to, it does take practice.

This is not an article about how you can achieve or manifest your perfect life. There are a lot of those, and maybe I will write one as well, from my personal perspective. But this here, this is an article for those who have a perfect life and don’t know how to live it.

Why is hard to live perfection

Maybe someone else has a better explanation for this, but the way I see it, and the way I experience it, it’s as simple as: we are not accustom to perfection, we don’t know how to react and change our daily routine, adapt our action to the new environment. Every new change needs accommodation, and learning the ropes.

Just because it’s perfect doesn’t mean it’s easy.

On the contrary, most of us, if not all of us, in order to achieve this dream life in Portugal, we worked very hard, made a lot of sacrifices, which in itself needs a certain kind of life, routine and mindset.

You know hard, you’ve mastered it and in the end, brought you this perfect thing you have now, this perfect life. So you’ve mastered hard, what made you think you will instantly know easy? Easy takes a lot of practice, easy takes a lot of learning and a different kind of mindset. Otherwise, easy will look hard, will feel hard, and you will be inclined to fall on your old routine, that doesn’t let you enjoy this new life.

How do I do easy?

Is there a course for mastering the art of living a perfect life that I could take? Of course not! This is something you have to figure it out for yourself. And of course keep close the people that are experiencing the same thing, because their experience will be far more valuable and applicable than exposing yourself to the horrors of the world.

Because this is what we have been told, right? Anytime you fell unhappy just look around you to see how much sorrow is in the world and then count your blessings. Like somehow feeling guilty for sucking at enjoying life is somehow therapeutic!

Being understood is the key here, being left to do you, in your own time I found that works wonders. But also introspection, being actively interested to understand why are you feeling in a way, what triggers you is also very useful. So meditation, walking in nature and thinking about the state of the world, about who you are and what you want is also working. Not over night. But the night does help if you are using it for sleep.

My final advice would be this: do easy like you did hard. Acknowledge that is a path there to be learn and learn it. Each day. You did it once with hard. You will do it again with easy.

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