Our favorite Portuguese food

Our favorite Portuguese food

The relationship we have with food is a very personal one.

Especially when it comes to your favorite Portuguese food. The Portuguese are very proud of their legacy when it comes to food and in my personal opinion, they manage to have an exquisite cuisine made with so little ingredients. But it’s an acquired taste, at least for us.

So please be gentle in the comments after you hear what I have to say about my relationship with Portuguese food. Even if we are not in the best relationship at the moment, just know that we are in love and we are trying.

We are taking it serious and we are seeing a therapist. I am committed to try all the dishes, even when I feel like entering into the first McDonalds or worse, the first Hard Rock Cafe.

The problem is that I am going trough a rough period now and I am not always able to put our relationship on the first plan.

Sometimes I am very tired from running like a crazy person trying to find some furniture that it won’t brake the bank, other times I am very cold because even if outside are always 15 degrees, in the house are like 5 degrees (because this is how Portuguese houses work!).

So at the end of the day I just want to throw in the oven a frozen pizza and call it a day. Do you know those pizzas they sell at Pingo Doce for 2 euros? Those ones!

But just you know that I am trying. Maybe in a year or two our relationship will be better and me and Portuguese food will be inseparable. I will get to know her and she will get to know me. And I will get to know all the amazing places where you can eat authentic Portuguese food. And when I will find it, make sure that you, yes, you my friend, you will be the first to know about it.

So what is your favorite Portuguese food?

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