Buy real estate property in Algarve Portugal with 200.000 euro – what this money buys you?

Are we there yet? Is 200.000 euro enough for Algarve?

For people relocating to Algarve Portugal from US or UK, a budget of 200.000 euro is a fairly small budget. To buy real estate property in Algarve Portugal with 200.000 euro may seem like an easy task to achieve, if you are looking at the ads on the internet.

Of course, location in Algarve is very important. Closer to the beach means less square meters, more inland means a bigger house. And it’s always a matter of hard work – countless hours invested in searching for the right property, as well as a bit of luck in finding someone who wants to sell quickly and at a discount for various reasons.

There is always an opportunity out there, you just have to find it.

What to expect to a new country – my 2 cents

Get used to this feeling “are we there yet”? Moving, relocating to another place, is not a walk in the park. Sure, you might have the budget to make transition easier but don’t discount the psychological toll this move will have on you.

First few weeks, maybe even first 3 or 4 months will be a never ending vacation and discovery. But it’s still a big change and some things might impact you in a way you never anticipated. Just be prepared and look at this paradise that we call Portugal like a very nice place to live and not like a perfect place on Earth.

Lower budget?

For those who are coming to Portugal with the main purpose to save money and to lower their cost of life, read this article, if you want to know why this approach is not a good idea.

You will understand then why to buy real estate property in Algarve Portugal with 200.000 euro is not doable if you want to safe money. This kind a budget becomes prohibitive. And this will make the realization that even if 200.000 euro can seem a big amount, is not enough for Algarve.


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