The best places to buy property in Porto Portugal – best neighborhoods

You are wondering what are the best places to buy property in Porto Portugal? What are the best neighborhoods? Well, Porto is praised high and low for the amazing quality of life and still, even in 2021, is considered to have affordable and qualitative property.

But every city has it’s things you need to know and in each and every one you need to know what to look for.

what to look for

So what is the perfect location to buy a property in Porto? As with everything in life, the answer depends on what you need and what are you looking for, but for sure you will want to take into consideration aspects like:

  • quality of construction
  • the proximity of beaches
  • the proximity to spots of leisure and green spaces as well as services
  • accessibility and traffic
  • security and neighborhood.

As for the exact locations, here are in my opinion, the best places to buy property in Porto Portugal, the very top 3 best neighborhoods in Porto:

Campanha – up and coming

Is becoming one of the hottest neighborhoods to buy property in Porto because of slightly lower prices than in the downtown and also because the recent renovation done in the area.

Campanha has a judge and growing concentration of dedicated art spaces and probably the place with the most potential for a quick and big return on your investment. If you are looking for a barging probably here you will find it more easily.

Here you can find houses with gardens and a swimming pool but with excellent accessibility and close to the Metro, Also, if you want to build your own, here is the place where you find large plots of lands at still affordable prices.

Foz de Douro – luxury and elegant properties

Foz de Douro can be summarized as an affluent suburb with modern luxury properties on the sea front. This neighborhood is named the Hollywood of Porto and since the 19th century has been the bourgeoisie’s favorite place to buy a holiday home. Here you can find houses and palaces on the front line of the beach.

It can be a good choice for families, because this place favors tradition and neighborhood. Also here you will find the best schools in the city.

If you happen to visit the area don’t miss the Parque da Pasteleira, which has been requalified and it’s seen as a city’s secret.

Vila Nova de Gaia – my favorite

Vila Nova de Gaia is a different city located in the other side of river Douro. It offers a variety of different options in properties, being close to the beach and to the city center in the same time. However, the city extends far beyond the riverside so it’s technically still Porto. It makes an attractive investment option as it is close to the city of Porto but also less expensive than the city’s downtown district.

This neighborhood is suited for families having access to quality blue flags beaches as well as a 14 kilometers bicycle lane that connects Porto to the city of Espinho. And the entire rout is at the seaside!

This place is best known for the cellars where they age the Port wine! I just imagine spending an afternoon (or make it a weekend) sample trough all the Port wines. 🙂

Vila Nova de Gaia also has a marina, which overlooks the Douro river, where you can find fresh fish restaurants bars, terraces and five-star hotels.

Living in Vila Nova de Gaia is having a unique quality of life with daily ocean smell and un unrivaled sunset.

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