Do you have a very small budget and a dream to relocate to Portugal? Here are a few examples of properties in rural Portugal that you can buy with a budget between 10.000 euro and 25.000 euro.

Portugal is a dream for many people. So much more now, when so much of us we were unable to travel and relocate in Portugal in 2020 and my honest opinion is that 2021 will be much more of the same. At least the first half of the year. The vaccine is here but until it will reach enough population it will take at least 1 year. It this conditions, Portugal will remain a dream for many, especially if you flew in from US.

And the Brexit situation makes the things complicated for the persons looking to relocate from UK.

If you find yourself in this situation, my advice for you is not to give up. Stay connected to your dream and besides mood boards and affirmations, you can do something practical to achieve this dream: research the real estate market in Portugal.

Watch as many videos as the YouTube can give you and even if you are not looking for a very cheap rural property in Portugal, let’s say in the bracket of 150.000 euro, watch that video too. You will for sure find out something about Portugal that you didn’t know before.


Keeping Portugal in your mind will help you stay sane.


At least it helped me. I watched all the videos of all the Youtubers that post about Portugal, even or maybe I should say, especially the ones that are not in my target. For example I watched this channel of a couple buying a piece of land and trying to build a yurt on it. It was most interesting for me, as I don’t know anything about this lifestyle. But most important it kept Portugal alive for me. And I got to see how a rural area looks!

So take it easy, keep an open mind, enjoy the video and SUBSCRIBE to see other videos about Portugal!

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