Have you EVER DREAMED about MOVING TO A NEW COUNTRY and start a new life? Well Portugal is on top of people preferences for a slow, easy and carefree life. And Porto Portugal is a loved location, famous for the cheap property even if it is on the colder side of Portugal.




Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and Port wine production. Even if the property prices have gone up like crazy in the last period, the general feeling is that Porto is still a great place to live, with great food at very cheap property prices for day to day living as well as buying a property.

You will never get bored in Porto, as it is named a world heritage site with a lot of things to discover, like medieval walls, churches, narrow streets, a Roman cathedral and much more. For beach lovers, you also have beaches and mind blowing ocean scenery a few minutes from the city.


In my research for the video below, in which I talk about how to find and buy cheap property in Porto Portugal, I tried to find properties between 60.000 euro and 80.000 euros but with all the prices on the rise, I found nothing of note. All the inhabitable places starts from around 100.000 euro and it’s my personal opinion that a house is a big investment and you should choose carefully and with the long term in mind.

Your house has to feel like your ultimate safe, fuzzy place, the place where you draw your inspiration and power for yet another day in this complicated yet amazing world, so in the end your house has to be “easy”. No moldy walls, no roof problems, no noisy neighborhood, no sky high maintenance costs. Or is it just me that has such “high standards” in 2021?


So look for a property with all your senses, not just with your wallet. You will thank me later!

– me-


That amazing Portugal light

As a general and first impression analyzing property site is this: I found Porto to be expensive and the houses quite small and quirky. I mean below 50 square meters for 100.000 euro is expensive in my opinion.

I felt like I was looking at apartments in London, small, with improvised bedrooms, no elevators and a lot of steep stairs.

My advice would be that for the ones that absolutely have to be in the city, I will go with a budget of at least 150.000 euro if not even 200.000 euro for a decent place. And for the other ones, for sure the advice would be to look around Porto for better prices, scenic views and larger homes.

I leave you know to hopefully enjoy this selection of properties in Porto I put together for you and I remind you that I am not a realtor, doing that for my own pleasure (and yours I hope) and feel free to drop me a few lines in the comments with your opinion.