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If you thought there is nothing to do in winter in Algarve Portugal, let me tell you: this is the best time to be here! The best thing you can do in the winter in Portugal is a wine tour paired with amazing tapas (petiscos).

We spent an amazingly quiet, yet lively day at Quinta da Tor, combining both relaxing, eating and learning about Algarvian wines.

History of the place

Surrounded by the amazing landscape of the mountains, just 30 minutes from Faro, Quinta da Tor belonged to the same family since 1500 until 2011, when they were renovated by the new owner family, with strong origins and  roots in the village of Tôr.

Their mission is to preserve and diffuse the authentic flavors of Algarve, and they do that by offering an amazing place to enjoy, understand and learn about the authentic Algarvian wines and food.

Entrance is free, parking is easy, wine and tapas are available, and everyone is invited!

Speaking about wines, in the 12 hectares of vineyard that surrounds Quinta da Tôr, there are seven grape varieties: touriga, syrah, aragonez and cabernet sauvignon.

They offer amazing and insightful wine tours, followed by wine tasting and tapas.

Wine tour and tapas with a view – Quinta da Tor

Usually, the tour circuit includes “a visit to the wine cellar where guests can enjoy an explanation of our history and the process, then we go back to the tasting area, where people do the wine tasting that they can accompany with or without tapas”

We did it the other way around, because we also visited the art galley that was on display. We first talked to the artists about the paintings and after that we needed a brake so we ordered a glass of wine and tapas.

I wanted something very light and fruity, a rose I said, but they recommended me an unusual wine, red, with the 17% alcohol. They said, very easy to drink!

Me, not knowing anything about wines I wanted to take up on their recommendation and it was the best red wine I ever drank!

So this wine they have an unusual red wine with 17% alcohol – the Aragonez. Thanks to the hot location, in Loulé, they have to collect the grapes at just the right time and naturally the wine stays with the higher percentage. At first they thought a wine with such high percentage will never sell but it ended up being one of their star red wines.

After wine and tapas came the tour.

The tour was full of interesting information, I highly recommend this tour. We knew nothing about wines and now we know a little!

The information was presented very easily to understand for newbies but also if you are a little bit experimented they have very high knowledge and detailed about the process.

We found out things about Portugal also, not really related to wine. Did you know, for example the difference between a quinta and a herdade?

I thought that the difference is that a herdade had cows (don’t ask me why I thought that!), but no!

The actual difference is that a herdade is much stretched over the land, it can have land in one village, then another piece of land over a hill or in another village, so it’s has properties in more than one place but under the same name.


Art gallery at Quinta do Tor

We actually decided to go to this place because they organized an art event for a week. The organizer of the event made a real point in providing us  with a variety of artistic styles that included the work of an award-winning watercolour specialist, painted mannequins and many more.

My favorite were the mannequins because I never saw something alike before and most of all this!

These are the work of a digital artist who take photographs and then combine them into most astonishing creations!

His name is … and he told me that if you mention you found out about him trough me and the fact that we meet at Quinta do Tor art exposition he will give you a discount if you buy something from him.

I really liked this work, go on his site for more info.

It was an amazing experience at Quinta do Tor. If you need a calming experience that includes serenity but also food and wine, this is the place for you.

The pool is amazing to admire while you are doing the wine tasting and maybe some tapas. But also in the summer, when you can imagine yourself in the pool with a wine glass in hand, admire this amazing view over the hills.

I felt very welcomed at Quinta do Tor! And even if I didn’t film it, there were quite a few tables filled with wine and tapas lovers. So if you want to make friends, here you can encounter a lot of people just like you.

We made also a little video about our experience so you can see and feel the place for yourself. Take a look at our video from Quinta da Tor and please subscribe if you like it!

We will definitely come back here to spend another memorable day.

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A bientot! I don’t know why I said that! How do you say this in Portuguese? Ate logo! I think.

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