3 online English newspapers you must read if you move to Portugal

newspapers portugal in english

I am an old fashion gal, and the smell of a freshly pressed newspaper will not be replace by anything. And while I am away from Portugal, I keep up to date by following these publications.

I was so happy discovering that I have something to read everyday in English and that they are also free! You can pick them up in supermarkets or in cafes or hotels.


I like to read the business focus area. I am sort of an industrious person, you will never know what my next business will be!

Also the Letter section with letters from readers is always fun to read! Sometimes we sit at cafes and Flavius reads me the letters from the readers and this is how you can get a pulse of the problems and complains of the people here in Portugal.

This newspaper is published every Friday for English speakers in the Algarve. It’s available online (main headlines only), by subscription and from news-stands.


I like this one because brings target news from Algarve, the area where I live, but also about what is happening in Portugal at the moment. It has information about all kinds of things, from Brexit to where to brunch next in Algarve.

It’s a national newspaper that includes articles on news, health, golf, TV, lifestyle, food and travel.


This newspaper can be read in multiple languages (they have to content in multiple languages) and I also like the Personal Finance section. I fell important when I read this publication, like something exiting and big is about to happen to me if I read this daily!

And of course, us! We are a new site, more like a style magazine but if you find interesting content here, you can follow us and come back for more!

We also have a Youtube channel with a lots of information about our personal journey making the move to Algave Portugal.