How to make this year your best yet

how to make this year your best yet

You can say that this is an article about resolutions but it’s more like a blue print, a recipe on how to make any year you best year ever. It’s indeed a recipe I intend to follow myself or at least part of it.

These steps are meant to put you in the best shape, mood and mental state in order to be able to determine and achieve whatever you want in your future. Be the best you can be.

Step #1: Reflect on Your Past Year with a paper and a pen in hand

This is what absolutely must be your first step! I used to do this every year but in the last 2 I kind of neglected and it shows. This step, in which I take a good look at my year in review and see what worked and what didn’t, gives me so much clarity!

I also think about where I would imagine myself to be right now and why I am not. What can I do better in next year.

And why paper and pen and not an app on your computer? Just try it! It can’t be explained. Just try and you will see better results. Well, maybe you will see better results if you are over 35 but still… try it!

Step #2: Set Big, Audacious Goals for 2022

In order to make 2022 your best year yet, you need to dream big! Yes, the goals and plans have to bigger than life and unachievable! Because only thinking like this you will expand your vision, see what you could become.

And it doesn’t matter you will not achieve those goals in a year. You will be more close to those goals than if you didn’t even imagine it. This is not just my opinion, it’s a proven method used by all successful people. At some level, it’s going to work for you too!

So the goal of this step is to devise a 1 year plan for 2022 that includes goals for your professional life, personal life and health. Normally I would put health in personal life category but if I learn anything these past 2 years is that health has to come first and has to have a special time designated to make that happen. Physicals health but also mental health.

The goals you set must be exciting and make you cannot wait for that 1st of January 2022. You have a better chance of making this happen if it’s want you want. And I know, who want’s to eat healthy? Nobody! But maybe you look at the problem from another perspective: who wants to live as much as they can? Who wants a better quality of life?

Step #3: Execute your plan

A plan is as good as it’s execution. Well… this is not true, a lot goes into planning to. But execution is important and doing it every day of those 365 days, that is the key.

Your days have to be all about – how this advances my goal, how this brings me closer to my goal? If it doesn’t, it should be something that you try to eliminate, change or at least limit the amount of time and energy you spend on it.

Why do you need a plan like this?

The greatest challenge and mistake I make is to spread my energy in to much directions and projects. Between accounting, Instagram, YouTube and this blog, nothing works as it should. So this plan is meant to strait up priorities and structure the goals by importance.

Your energy should be deployed into those projects that are the most important and rewording for you. Making those work will give you much needed energy to realize the next ones!