Property you can buy in Algarve Portugal with 75.000 euro

Thinking of relocating to Algarve Portugal but you are on a tight budget? See what kind of property you can buy in Algarve Portugal with only 75.000 euro.

Unreasonable expectations before arriving in Algarve Portugal

I used to read all sorts of Facebook Groups and forums, but mostly articles, saying the property in Portugal is sooooo cheap. I bet you understand what I mean. This created in my mind an unreasonable and childish expectation to find amazing properties under 100.000 euro right next to the ocean.

We wanted to buy a turn key house on half of the budget we ended up spending on an apartment that need total remodel.

Of course, arriving in Algarve Portugal and starting the search, not only on the internet, but in real life, my perspective quickly changed and had to face the harsh reality.

A budget under 100.000 euro is not much for this area. Do you know how in central Portugal you will buy a ruin with 10.000 euro? Well, in Algarve Portugal a ruin is ten times this amount!

where to look for information

But you don’t really need to visit Algarve to make a first assessment nor you have to take my word for it. Just browse the real estate sites like www. or and you will understand what I mean.

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