Top 3 best beaches in Portugal you must see. We went there and have stories about it!

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Going to the beach for the sake of lying in the sun all day is not among my favorite experiences. Unless you are in Portugal and you go to a deserted beach. That means no tourists, no hassle, no noise, just you and the nature. And a glass of wine!

So here are 3 great beaches you must see when you come to Portugal, or in other words, a great place to start your exploration of the beaches in Portugal.


Nazare is a fascinating place, steeped in history and legend.

It is said that Dom Fuas Roupinho, was hunting in the area when he started to chase a deer that ran towards the nearby cliff and, when he approached the edge and recognized that he was above the chapel with the Black Madonna, he prayed out loud ‘our Lady, Help Me’.  The horse stopped suddenly saving both rider and horse from a 100-metre fall. To this day, you can still see the hoof imprinted on the floor.

The Praia do Norte is well-known for some of the world’s biggest waves, due to an underwater canyon with a depth of approximately 5 km which creates the extremely high waves. In 2011, Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara broke the record for the biggest wave ever surfed at 78 feet, or 23.7 meters.


We went this year in Nazare and visited all these cool places. As much as you read about it, when you actually see it, it’s mind blowing. It was a sunny day in April and after visiting the famous lighthouse, where all the people gather to watch the waves and the surfers, we sat on the cliffs with a cold drink, listen to the music and watching the ocean. You can do that as along the path to the lighthouse you will find several trailers selling food and drinks and souvenirs. Very hippie atmosphere.


One of the most beautiful  and colorful cliff and golden sand can be found at Praia da Falesia in Algarve Portugal. The best bit is the viewpoint that allows you to see the whole Falesia Beach from higher ground.

In our resort we have a similar view and while this is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world, we like the one in Vale do Lobo also.

The beach is huge, extending for about 8km between Olhos de Água in the west to Vilamoura in the east. Even if it’s in a very touristy area, it managed to remain fairly pristine. Not like in the 80’s but close.


There is a special feeling when you are on a beach in Portugal, a certain freedom and hope, that you don’t really feel in other places.


Probably the most famous cave in Portugal and the perfect post card to take home with you. But Benagil is more than meets the eyes. Of course you should do the touristy thing and go once in a lifetime on a pricy tour to that cave. We did, and it was awesome. We didn’t visit just the Benagil cave, but all sort of grotas in the area. The guide told us stories about each and everyone of them and even if it’s a touristy thing to do, you make nice memories. We went also in April, when there were not so many people. We happed to be in Carvoeiro, saw the boat on the beach and just took the tour.

So do come back also in the winter and visit the deserted beach, the village of Benagil and the surroundings. Only then you will experience the true miracle of Benagil area in a quiet way.

benagil cave portugal


As usual, my advice to you?

Go the the most remote beach you can find! There are many many spots on the map where you just find a winding road on a cliff that takes you on a little stretch of beach where you will have the privilege to experience the ocean all by yourself. Then and only then, you will truly grasp the miracle that is Portugal.


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