What if these are the good days?


I am sitting in front of my computer, brainstorming ideas for my next video for my YouTube Channel. And I find myself thinking more and more: what if this horrible period we are living are in fact our good days?

What if these are the good days, and we are spending it woriing about war, the pandemic and inflation?

What if what lies ahead is even more bad that what we are living now? You could easily make this argument considering the fact that in December 2019 your average problem was the fact that streets were to crowded with people being busy with Christmas consumerism, and all of the sudden, 3 months later, our biggest problem is that we cannot be on the streets because we get sick. Extremes. I bet you weren’t happy with your life in December 2019 but you would have been if you could glimpse the future.

What is it about time?

I have always been a little weird about time. Since I was a little girl I had on obsession with the passing of time. Always being a little to conscious about the fact that time is precious. Getting older, this obsession grew to the point I optimize any little thing so that I could gain more time. Every second counts. Not many people around me understood why time is so precious to me. It seemed like I was the only one who saw that time is the only thing in the world you cannot buy or regain.

Now I feel like everybody sees what I see. Everybody understands a little about this obsession. Everybody starts to wonder if this, today, is maybe the best they would ever live.

This obsession of not missing any moment of my precious time made me buy the house in Portugal the minute it was possible, not waiting for the market to crash or the seller to reconsider the slightly high price he was asking for the apartment. Not waiting for a better offer. There will always be a better offer if you wait long enough, a better opportunity or a better deal. But the time you lost waiting for that to happen it will never be recovered. Time is precious than money.

Everybody ask me if I regret moving to Portugal, actually moving in Algarve, after all my “negative” experiences. And the answer is definitely not. If I would have waited for that perfect moment, I would have lost all that unperfect experiences that brought me in the end, much more joy than if I would not have lived them at all.

My advice to you

So my advice to you, which is also my whole reason for creating the YouTube channel and now this site: Don’t wait, just go! Don’t wait, just do it! There will never be a good time, there will never be a moment in which you will not have doubts or fears. There will never be that perfect moment in which every stars align for you to see the path clearly. The stars align only when you make them.