waffle day in portugal

For some reason, waffles always remind me of vacation. Maybe it’s because I associate them with hotels, where you can make your own waffles for breakfast. And here every day is a vacation day so every day seems like a Waffle Day in Algarve Portugal.

Go to Loule for amazing food an sightseeing

If you find yourself in Algarve Portugal, and you are in the mood for waffles while you also want to visit an amazing town, I suggest you have to go to Loule.

You can visit the amazing and famous Loule Market and afterwards take a sweet brake at Waffleria da Cidade.

You will find healthy options for breakfast, or kids snacks, smoothies, and also Artisanal waffles and crepes. Orange juice is also very good.


The place looks very cute and inviting, outside on the terrace and on the inside and it’s situated on the side street so you have a little bit of peace too. On the same street just a little further you can also find a traditional Tasca where I have eaten for the first time Bacalhau à Bras – yummy, yum, yum Portuguese food and because of these guys it became one of my favorite dish from Portuguese cuisine. I recommend you to pay them a visit, because they have very decent prices and very good quality of food!

I also like that during this difficult time they made take away and also delivery available, thing that is not easy at all, so they deserve to be sustained and helped to make it trough this (in my opinion).




For the vibe and the food we give it an overall of 5 stars!

Just pay them a visit and then write me how was your Waffle Day in Algarve Portugal!


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